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A recent comment:

hey there, first of all I’d just like to thank you for this wonderful website, you have certainly put up a lot of useful information about NOVA and teaching in Japan in general. My name is David, I am a student who lives in NZ and am interested in participating the NOVA program.I am thinking about applying in the beginning of November when all my exams have finished (this is my last semester b4 I get my BA)….Does NOVA usually recruit teachers around that time ( the end of the year, Christmas)? and if I’m granted an interview, what sort of questions do they usually ask you? would be great if you can help me out…looking forward to hear from you

Hey David,

First of all, until you have properly graduated (that means, you have the diploma in your hands and photos of you in a silly hat framed on the wall), you will not be considered a graduate by the Japanese Government and will not be eligible for a work visa (at least, not the work visa required for teaching English). Being eligible to graduate is not enough. You must have graduated.

If you can’t wait that long to get to Japan, then NOVA is your easiest option. They will hire you for Flexi-Time work (part time) and you can do that on a working holiday visa, which is available to New Zealanders, I believe.

About the interview, have a read here and here, they’ll give an idea about various eikaiwa interview processes, including NOVA’s. It shouldn’t be to difficult to get accepted by NOVA although you may want to be warned: The best times to be hired are in September and May. If you tell them that you’re open to leave for Japan at any time, that will help your chances.
Good luck!

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