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Easy Eikaiwa Launched!

Remember a while ago I interviewed Mark Beattie, whose software Easy Eikaiwa was designed to help minimalise the administration time of small conversation sachools by taking it to the web? Well, it’s now gone live.

The interface is non-branded (ie: your URL could be “” and can be changed from English to Japanese and back at any time. The software is hosted on Easy Eikaiwa’s own servers. This means:
- Clients are free from having to download, configure or install anything
- Ongoing maintenance is included in the price, there’s nothing else to pay
- When a feature is added or enhanced, every client gets it immediately
- Easy Eikaiwa bear the costs of hosting it on powerfull dedicated servers to keep the prices affordable without compromising performance
- It only takes a minute to sign up and get started
- You can try it for 30 days for free and cancel at any time without having paid a cent (or yen), or investing more than a few minutes getting started

It also includes a database to keep teacher details and even photos, and has a nifty Ajax calendar to keep track of lessons.

Easy Eikaiwa is ready to get your schedule online now. All you need is a web
browser and an internet connection, and you can take care of everything from
any computer, any time. Upload contact details and photos of your students
and teachers. Set up lessons on the AJAX calendar which includes daily and
weekly repeating events.

It only takes a few minutes to get started with the easy setup helper. There’s
a completely free plan to try out, and all our pricing plans come with a free
30 day trial. There’s nothing to download or install, so you can get your
schedule online today.

Easy Eikaiwa screenshot. Image from

Easy Eikaiwa

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